​Ravner Ravner, guitarist -Austin, Texas

Greetings, and welcome to Ravner's Music.

That you've landed on this shore from the sea of the internet tells me you are a lover of music. Glad to have you here.  Please, sit for a while, and listen to my work. Enjoy your stay. Should this tiny island of sound beckon you once again in the future, you are always welcome to return.

I've been performing music professionally in Austin, since 2002. 

In addition to my work as a soloist for guitar, I have worked extensively as accompaniment for harpist Andrea Cortez,and singer songwriter Gary Graves.

If you are seeking guitar music for a private event, please drop a line, and if I can be of help, I am glad to see what I can bring to the event.

My work ranges from traditional classical guitar, to more modern arrangements of guitar & harp music. 


Ravner Salinas


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